Youth Discussion Club

On April 20, Vlad Litvinov and Ivan Kulinski, founders of Ormos Charity, visited the Youth Center “Fakel” in Balti. They had a chance to participate in one of the meetings of the Youth Discussion Club which has become a regular activity for the Center. Vlad and Ivan reported guys’ eagerness to participate in the discussions, their level of preparation and willingness to talk openly on different, often controversial topics. On April 20th, there was discussed the idea of banning the internet for the children and young people. There was a ‘parliament’ with the ‘members of the government’ promulgating a law and the ‘members of the opposition’ arguing against it. Guys discussed the open access to information, parental control, copyright usage, and other topics. In the end of the discussion, the prize went to the ‘opposition’ who came up with an argument on the technical impossibility to put a public ban on internet particularly for the selected age groups. Members of the Club who were particularly great in the discussion, received the bonus prizes: pens, pencils and some small gifts brought from Canada. In return, Vlad and Ivan received beautiful unique t-shirts made by Yulia Verbitskaya, a member of the Center.

More pictures from the Youth Discussion meetings are here.

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