Vlad’s and Ivan’s Visit

On April 22, Vlad Litvinov, the founder of Ormos Charity, and Ivan Kulinski, the Board Member, visited the Youth Club “Fakel” in Balti.

The visit began with joining guys for the soccer play and talking to the organizers. Thanks to many local organizations, soccer has become a regular activity on Saturdays – not only for the Club “Fakel” but the other youth clubs in Balti, too. Vlad and Ivan met with Sergey Tolstolychenko, a leader for “The Healthy City” Civic Group and one of the organizers behind the soccer plays. It was also great to see the support from the Academy of the Table Tennis in Balti which provided premises for the soccer.

In the afternoon, Vlad and Ivan visited “Fakel”. They joined guys for tennis, chess, and tea with the cookies, and talked to the members of the Club. After that, everyone went to a pizza restaurant where the discussion continued. While boys were busy enjoying their pizzas, especially after a busy soccer morning, Vlad, Ivan and Serghei discussed future plans. Sports was among the most mentioned topics. Down the road, Ormos Charity would like to bring more training to the members of the Youth Club and organize different classes for children. This can be done as long as there is a continued support from the donors. Vlad’s and Ivan’s visit to the Club was productive. In the late afternoon the same day, they returned back to Chisinau.

Pictured: Vlad Maler (left), member of the Club, Serghei Vrabii (center), Vlad Litvinov (right).