Below you will find stories of some of the seniors that we support. 

This is Mikhail. He lives in a small village just outside of Chisinau, Moldovan capital, with his wife (on the right). Mikhail’s right side got paralyzed after a recent stroke. We provided him with a walker so he could work on his arm and leg. 

These two women share the same room in the old age house and assist each other. The woman to the right, Eugenia, has paralysis in both legs. The woman to the left, Zinaida, has been disabled since childhood. Her legs stopped developing and she has been using her arms to walk. Before coming to the old age house, Zinaida used to live with her mom. When her mom died, she moved in here.

Making dinner for the Nativity (Christmas day), January 2019.

This is Tamara. She is 90 years old and she is a poetess. Tamara takes care of Sergey. He is in his 70’s and he cannot see. Tamara and Sergey got married in January 2019. She has been taking care of him.

This is Ekaterina (Katya). Katya put together a small sewing machine and helps other seniors in the old age house with fixing their clothes. She has osteomyelitis.

If you would like to help these and other seniors, please consider donating any possible amount and our volunteers will attend to the current needs. The monthly recurring donation is also welcomed and much appreciated as it helps us do more. 

Thank you for your consideration!