Our Programs

There are many ways you can support our mission of improving living conditions of people in need.
Here you can learn about our programs and find the area of your interest.

After School Programs

After School Programs (ASP) include a broad variety of physical activities, athletics and sports, recreation and outdoor activities, arts and crafts, intellectual games, book and film discussions, reading and homework help, and other related activities. We engage youth in community involvement, such as environmental initiatives, cultural programs, orphanage visits, as well as trips to boarding schools and nursing homes.

Our goal is to engage children and youth in meaningful interests and initiatives to keep them off the streets and involved back in their communities.

Young Offenders

We support education, recreation, spiritual and other intervention programs for the young people at the detention centres and correctional facilities.

We are partnering with organizations that have experience working with the placement facilities and will help provide the youth with sports equipment, educational material and supplies, as well as spiritual infrastructure.

There has been numerous research that shows that establishing activities and programs for children and youth in the after-school hours might be an effective way to prevent the juvenile delinquency. These activities might become even more effective if they are coupled with educating local leaders about ways to integrate young people into broader community along with educating parents and caregivers.