Below you will find some stories written by the guys and girls who come to our youth center in Moldova. We asked them to tell a little bit about themselves, about what this center meant for them and how their lives have changed. All stories are written by the youth themselves and we have only translated them for you.

Thank you for supporting these young people and making difference in their lives.


“I grew up with my mom, brother, and sister. My mom couldn’t support all of us, so she sent me to boarding school. I spent 8 grades there. When I was in Grade 6, I came across some bad company, began skipping classes, ran away from home and started to tramp. Then I began to steal. Eventually, when I was 15, I ended up in a detention center. I came out in 3 years and was sent to the instructors at the Youth Club “Torch" which was supported by NGO “Elpis" at that time. There, they helped me with the documents, helped me with the training and the job.

I still come to the Club as a volunteer. I even help organizing some events. I am very grateful for such place in my city where every person gets attention, comfort, help and support.”

October 2016

Oleg is one of the former beneficiaries of the Youth Club “Torch" in Balti and one of our current volunteers.


A year ago, my best friend invited me to the Club “Torch" where she was a volunteer. I liked it there and became a volunteer myself. I often come up with new ideas and help to make them happen. Best of all, I liked our campaign when we planted about 1000 trees. I also like the City Quest, which we organize regularly. I took part in the mini grant competition and won money for the Club. Now, I am training our soccer team to play in the tournament. I love soccer – I have been playing for 8 years now.

November 2016

Vlad shared his story in November 2016. Today, he is serving in the army, and we are all waiting for him to come back. His soccer playmates especially miss him! P.S. Vlad has finished his army service but chose to stay in the military. He is stationed in Balti. 


“Hello, my name is Sveta. I am a volunteer with the Youth Club “Torch" and I have been visiting Club for two years. I learned about the Club from my relative who has been going there for a long time, she told me a lot about it and I got interested eventually. My sister went there first and I went after her to check it out. The first impression was good. Nice and friendly people, a very cozy atmosphere. Every time I went there, I was becoming closer and closer to the people. Now we are almost like a family. But these are not the only benefits of the Club. We have training and different events. We mingle with the other youth centers. All this helped me to develop my social skills and find new friends. I am so glad that I decided to join the Club a year ago, otherwise I would not have met many people who helped me to become a person who I am right now."

November 2017


“Hi, I am Andrei and I am a member of the Youth Club “Torch". After I joined the Club, my life has changed for the better. I met new people, friends who like to help as much as I do. We see each other every day and talk about how it goes. We always share what we know. Thanks to the Club, I am not afraid of being left alone anymore because I now have Serghey, Sveta, Vasya, Nikita, Laura and my other friends who will always be there for me.”

November 2017


“Hello, I am Ruslana. I started going to the “Torch" in February 2017. I was brought there by my classmate. I didn’t think that it would be so interesting there. I really like going to the “Torch". It’s so exciting, with so many new people and we talk, play different games, drink tea with cookies, but most of all I like when we volunteer. It’s very engaging and you meet even more new people. And then, after every volunteering, we get a diploma. After that, I started spending even more time at the “Torch".  And I’ll tell you just how much my life changed after I started going to the “Torch": First, I began to communicate more with other people, I was a very closed off person before. Second, there is less free time, which I could have spent doing nothing productive, but now I have a hobby – it’s volunteering. I really love this – helping elderly, children, those with mental disabilities, bringing happiness into every heart.”

November 2017


Ekaterina (Katya) Verbitskaya is a talented young designer whose star began to shine in early 2018. In May 2018, Katya won the first prize at the Z Generation Young Designers Contest in Chisinau, Moldovan capital, where she presented her unique collection made of natural fabrics. In July 2018, Katya represented Moldova at the International Young Designers Contest in Kiev, Ukraine. She made it on the cover of the local edition of the Harper’s Bazaar and appeared in the videos of the leading regional fashion houses. In addition to her designer talent, Katya takes interest in the social entrepreneurship and is an avid promoter of the environmental protection [read more…]

December 2018


Vitaly is a prize-winner of the Balkan Computing Olympiad that took place in the Romanian city of Timisoara in July 2018 and a student of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He used to attend our Youth Center “Fakel" in Balti where he liked spending time with his friends [read more…]

January 2019