Our Work in Balti Begins

In early September 2016, Vlad Litvinov received a letter from Serghei Vrabii, the instructor at the Youth Club “Fakel” (“Torch”) in the City of Balti in the Republic of Moldova. The letter asked for possible support. The Club was previously supported by one of the local NGOs, however, the support ended by the summer of 2016 as the NGO moved to Chisinau, the country’s capital. Vlad knew the founder of the NGO, as well as Serghei. He has been supporting “Fakel” from 2014 personally and was in Balti several times. He saw a great camaraderie among the members of the Club and witnessed a real and long lasting difference in the lives of youths. All that certainly needed to live on. In October 2016, Vlad setup a crowdfunding page and began fundraising. At the same time, he and his friends started working on incorporating a non-profit in Canada.

Picture: Vlad Litvinov on his trip to Balti in April 2016 with the members of the Club “Fakel”.

Link to the original fundraiser.