Our Mission

We support projects for the youth, families and individuals in the countries of the former Soviet Union. We strive to improve material, educational and social opportunities and living conditions of the people so they could live with dignity, hope and respect within their communities.

Ormos Non-Profit Fund is a Canadian registered non-profit organization under Business Number 71609 6292 RC00001.

What We Do

– We help provide organized athletics, recreation, education and related programs for the children and youth.

– We help organize training for the youth to increase their chances of securing paid employment and volunteer work as well as preparing for self-employment options in the future.

– We help provide spiritual support to youth and adults, with particular emphasis on at-risk youth, fragmented families, seniors, and other beneficiaries in need.

– We help provide support services to assist people with disabilities to become more independent in the community.

– We provide material assistance to individuals living in poverty.

Our History

“Ormos” is a Greek word that signifies a small port where sailors find refuge. We find it symbolic when we speak about people in need, particularly youth, who often look for a safe haven.

Our work started in 2016 around a youth center in the Republic of Moldova where we have been helping create a safe and comfortable environment for children and teenagers. Throughout these years, we have been supporting approximately 100 children which came through the center. About 20-30% of these children belong to at-risk groups.

About 20-30% of these children belong to at-risk groups.

Through this work, we realized the need for expansion. In May 2017, we incorporated with the aim of growing further and provide additional services and supports.

In 2018, we signed the partnership agreement with Alexander Gezalov, the Russian social activist and expert on the social orphanhood, to help provide educational and spiritual support to young offenders at the detention centres in Russia.

In 2019, we signed the partnership agreement with NGO TeenGo in the Republic of Moldova, who will act as our partner organization for implementation of the Project “Youth Club in Moldova".

Due to the successful funding of the projects, both partnerships were ended in August 2022. We are currently in the process of revisiting our mission and our programs to see how we can serve the individuals in need.