New Year’s Party 2019

On December 27, 2018, the Youth Center “Fakel” celebrated the New Year. Eighteen guys and girls came to the party which was hosted by Stas T., a member of the Club. 

To kick off the celebration, Serghei Vrabii, the Club’s instructor, said a few introductory words and put a video recap of the most interesting moments of the year 2018. Then guys broke off for the games. A game called “Brain Ring” turned out to be the most excited. The questions for the game were prepared by the same Stas T., a party host, in a form of a computer interaction. Question categories varied depending on the level of their difficulty and included themes of a New Year and Christmas, music, movies, as well as a mysterious “cat in a bag” category. In addition to questions, there were also tasks such as to recite a poem, sing a song or a Christmas carol. Guys were so excited that it took them an entire hour to play. A winning team that included Andrei, Sasha, Katya, Victor and Peter was awarded a sweet prize: a box of tangerines!

In addition, guys also played a lotto with six prizes gone to the winners, as well as other games. There were some breaks for snacks. Christmas table had homemade salads, sandwiches, cookies, fruits and juices, and pancakes!

This year, guys received gifts from the Secret Santa. The gifts were handed out by Serghei and came along with the letters addressed to each recipient. It could be seen that the messages put in the letters hit the mark! Guys read their letters in the silence and took some time to reflect.

The party ended with the movie. Guys watched “The Billionaire”, a movie based on a real story of a teenager who went from selling chestnuts on the street to having a successful business and becoming wealthy.

Serghei, the Club’s instructor, says not only did the Christmas party create a cheerful atmosphere but also brought guys together and made their group even more cohesive and connected.

We thank all our donors and friends of the Youth Center for their continuous support throughout the year 2018 and making lives of these youth more interesting and hopeful!

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