New Year’s Party 2018

On December 28, guys from the Youth Center “Fakel” in Balti celebrated the New Year.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to buy 21 gift of chocolates and sweets. 18 of these were handed out at the New Year’s party, and 3 gifts were given out to those members who couldn’t make it but registered for the event. Also, guys received some practical gifts such as phone cards and socks.

The party began with watching video reports for the last two years. The most important achievement was to keep the Center alive and continue its regular activities. After watching the videos, guys played a game called a “Letter to the Future”. Every member of the Center wrote letters to the future themselves and answered certain questions (i.e. where do you see yourself in one year from now, what do you think you would accomplish by that time, what would be your wants and needs). These letters were sealed and will be opened next year. In another game, each person, one at a time, had to make a speech out of the six topics such as experience, knowledge, memories, friends, etc. That was an interesting game as guys shared what they experienced at the Center and what they wished for their friends. And their friends had to say something else in return. Some even shed tears as guys exchanged some warmest words with each other and nicest wishes for one another. After that Igor and Nastya, members of the Center, performed a few new and old songs. The party ended up with dances and Bengal lights. Everyone had fun!

We thank parents of our guys who helped with preparations for the party. In particular, we thank Julia’s mom who cooked for the guys and lent us plates and cutlery.

Check out photos from the party.