Gifts for Detention Center

On September 18, 2018, Alexander Gezalov, the Director at St. Tikhon’s Social Center at the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow, and Gennady Prokhorychev, the Children’s Ombudsmen in the Vladimir Region of the Russian Federation, visited the Detention Center №3 in the City of Kolchugino in Russia. Alexander Gezalov and Gennady Prokhorychev were accompanied by Igor Tarasenko, the archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church who visits the juveniles at the Detention Center for spiritual talks.

Gezalov and Prokhorychev brought the interactive whiteboard and electronic books purchased on the donation from Ormos Charity. The Detention Center has the library and the classroom, however, there are no classes in a common sense: teenagers are responsible for self-education. There is a teacher who comes to the Center and helps to understand the subjects but teenagers are generally responsible for their own performance and academic progress. It does not mean they pay no respect to studying: earlier, two teenagers passed the school tests and were transferred from the 8th to 9th grade. 

At the time of the visit, there were eight young teenagers at the Center detained for various offenses, including murder, drug dealing, car theft and other cases. Depending on the case, some of these youth were about to spend over a year in the detention. 

Alexander Gezalov and Gennady Prokhorychev met some of the teenagers and talked to them. For Gezalov, this classroom is the fifth one that he helped to open within correctional facilities. He said it is much easier for the youth to get educated in a prison than at detention center as they are taught a regular school program in a prison. One of the girls they spoke to mentioned that she would like to continue her studies after she comes out. 

We hope that our modern interactive whiteboard and electronic books will stimulate the youth to studying and contribute to their rehabilitation despite the situation.

We thank you for your support.

Watch a report about Alexander Gezalov and Gennady Prokhorychev visit to Kolchugino on Vladimir Region TV [in Russian]