Fun Science

Last week, we introduced the Fun Science, a new project for the members of the Youth Club “Fakel”. The purpose of the project is to teach guys about nature, physics, and mechanics. The roles of the training instructors will be performed by the members of the Club themselves.

On the first day of Fun Science, Vanya and Andrei, the members of the Club, shared their knowledge about the terrariums. Everyone at the Club had chance to build a small terrarium inside a light bulb. On the second day, Vanya talked about the hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups of molecules and the way the liquids interact. To practice, guys made awesome drawings on the milk!

Fun Science project is financed out of the mini-grant which was awarded to the Club.

Pictured: Vanya, member of our Club in Balti and Fun Science instructor, with his own project of a terrarium.

Check out this gallery, including milk drawings!