Eco-Forum 2017

Members of the Youth Club “Fakel” in Balti are back after the March break, recharged and ready to jump in action! Past week, the most active volunteers from the Club got together to talk about the environmental projects. This is something that guys are always happy to do, particularly when the weather is nice and they want to spend more time outside. Soon, the Club will be taking part in the flash mobs, cleanup actions, and other events.

The first event took place on March 25. The members of the Club participated in the Eco-Forum “From a Green Vision to a Green Country” organized by the civic group “Green Vision”, the youth initiative “Green Country”, with the support from many local and national partners. Guys and girls had chance to get involved in the discussions and exchange of interesting ideas on how to make their home city more livable. They also enjoyed organic food, live music, and fun atmosphere. The event ended up with celebrating the Earth Hour 2017.

Check out pictures from the event.