Vlad’s visit to the Club

On October 20, Vlad Litvinov, the founder of Ormos Charity, visited the Youth Club “Fakel” in Balti. The weather kept warm and the guys decided to go out for a picnic to the Lake Komsomol. This small lake is one the most visited and beloved by the city dwellers. It was beautiful at this time, with red and yellow colours all around. Guys knew a perfect picnic spot at the end of the lake. After setting up a “table”, they played their favourite music instruments: a guitar, African drums, maracas, and ukulele. It was an awesome day spent together in the beauty of the fall.


See more pictures from the picnic.

Next day boys played soccer. Soccer has become a regular sports activity on Saturdays thanks to an initiative promoted by “The Healthy City” Civic Group from Balti. We are very thankful for this opportunity and would like to see our work with “The Healthy City” go on. The same day, we signed a partnership agreement with “The Healthy City”.


On October 18, Vlad came back to Balti to participate in the Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. The Forum was organized by the Center for Information and Support for the Youth “Certitudine” and was a perfect opportunity to learn about crowdfunding, practice and examples of successful social businesses. It was encouraging to see a growing number of young people getting more and more involved in the life of the communities.