Christmas at the Rink

In December 2018, Ormos Charity ran a small fundraiser “Christmas for the Children at the Placement Center” via Facebook. Thanks to the outstanding response, we were able to raise the amount that we needed in just two days. This money let us organize a 2-days Christmas program for the children and young adults at the Center for the Temporary Placement of Children at Risk “Drumul spre casa” (“The Road Home”) in Balti. The activities took place on December 20-21. In the first day, we took 13 children and teenagers from the Center to an ice rink. Children love that ice rink in the center of the city and always dream about it. Unfortunately, not all of them can afford it. The money that we raised covered all expenses including one-hour admission to the rink, food, and public transportation. The ice rink was a winner! The next day, guys from the youth center “Fakel” visited their friends at the Placement Center and organized a fun-packed Christmas celebration.

We thank everyone who helped us make this Christmas season for the children at the Placement Center a bit memorable. It was not their choice to spend Christmas and New Year away from home. Some of these children have experienced abuse or suffered trauma, some lost their families or relatives, and some of them did not simply have a room to sleep or a decent meal to eat.

A big thank you to all our volunteers, members of the youth center “Fakel” in Balti. This experience meant a lot to them, as well. Here is what one of our volunteers wrote to us after the event: [Russian] “без [поддержки] … мы бы не смогли увидеть улыбки тех детей, что были покалечены жизнью … мы бы не смогли подарить им счастья, радостных моментов и просто позитивного настроения”. [English] “without [your support] … we would not be able to see the smiles of those children whose lives got shattered … we would not be able to bring them happy moments, joy, and simply cheer them up.”)

The Center for Temporary Placement of Children at Risk “Drumul spre casa” (“The Road Home”) is a specialized state institution that provides temporary care for children and young people in difficult life situations. The Center can accommodate up to 40 children and youth from 7 to 23 years of age. Children can stay at the Center for up to 12 months — within this period staff at the Center will look for the best option for the child placement, with family or relatives being preferred. The Center employs social pedagogues, teachers, counsellors and medical personnel.